Martial Artist

Don MacFarland has been training in the Martial Arts for 35 years.  He currently holds that rank of Grand Master, 8th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Don founded Eastgate Martial Arts Club, LLC in 2002 to establish a place where traditional Martial Artists train and learn the Martial Arts.  Discipline, Respect and Honor are the key elements that are held to at Eastgate Martial Arts Club.

He has authored several Martial Arts programs:
RATE Self-Protection
Martial Arts Conditioning (MAC)
Exceptional Martial Arts Curriculum (for individuals with special needs)
RATEMAS (martial arts strategy system)

He actively trains and teaches traditional Martial Arts
He also teaches effective Martial Arts techniques to other groups such as Law Enforcement and Security Services

Contact e-mail:
Contact Phone: 513-218-2473