Don is an Insurance Professional, a Martial Artist and an Entrepreneur.

He has 33 years of experience in the Insurance space holding officer level positions with Insurance Carriers, Insurance Software Vendors and Insurance Consultancies.

He has been training / teaching the Martial Arts for 35 years.  He is currently as 8th degree Grand Master in Tae Kwon Do.

He left corporate America in 2000 and started his consulting company, Web Applications Marketing Management and Consulting, LLC in 2001.  He started his martial arts school, Eastgate Martial Arts Club, LLC, in 2002.  He co-founded QuikFuzion, an Insurance software company focused on the independent agency space, in 2009 and he is in the process of establishing Expectationless which is a life philosophy company where he shares his unique approach to life living in the moment.

Contact e-mail: dmacfarland@wammac.com
Contact Phone: 513-218-2473