Web Applications Marketing Management and Consulting, LLC (WAMMAC), Don Founded WAMMAC in  2001.
WAMMAC is a consulting company that works with companies primarily in the Insurance space with sales, marketing in the technology space: Finding Suspects, Identifying Prospects and Winning Customers.

Eastgate Martial Arts Club, LLC (EMAC), Don founded EMAC in 2002.
EMAC is focused on traditional martial arts.  At EMAC Don has promoted students to the rank of Master and he has over 50 black belts that are currently training with him.

QuikFuzion, Don co-founded QuikFuzion in 2009.
QuikFuzion has developed a suite of easy-to-use, high-speed data access and reporting solutions give insurance agencies and carriers the information they need to better manage their business.

Expectationless, Don founded Expectationless in 2010.
Expectationless is passion project that focuses on the underlying philosophies that Don has developed for business as well as personal life.  Don speaks to groups about his approach to different aspects of business and life using his background in the Martial Arts philosophy of living in the moment.

Contact e-mail: dmacfarland@wammac.com
Contact Phone: 513-218-2473